Efforts to comply with the REACH Regulation

It is part of our corporate culture to comply with all applicable legal obligations. Therefore we are taking all the necessary steps to fulfill our responsibilities under this new EU Regulation.

REACH Regulation

REACH, the new EU Regulation 1907/2006/EC regarding chemicals, is intended to replace a large number of existing directives and regulations, which have developed historically. REACH came into force on 1st June 2007.

In the past the authorities have evaluated and eventually restricted the use of certain chemicals when risks were found. Under REACH a significant part of the responsibilities has been shifted to manufacturers and importers, either of chemicals on their own and preparations, as well as articles.


REACH defines obligations along the whole supply chain to provide information to the next actor in order to allow the safe use of chemicals and articles manufactured by them, and to avoid liability issues.

We are aware of our responsibilities under the REACH regulation., please see the below information about the impact this regulation has on products with the original Omron brand name.

Informação REACH sobre substâncias SVHC dos produtos Omron

A Agência Europeia de Substâncias e Produtos Químicos (ECHA) desde o dia 28 de Outubro de 2008 que publica e actualiza regularmente a lista de substâncias candidatas a converterem-se em substâncias extremamente preocupantes (SVHC).

Verificamos constantemente se os nossos produtos ou materiais de embalagem contém substâncias incluídas nessa lista de candidatos com uma concentração superior a 0,1 % (por peso).

Em seguida, encontrará informação actualizada sobre as substâncias SVHC nos produtos da Omron. Os produtos que não se encontrem nesta lista estão livres de substâncias SVHC ou encontram-se actualmente em processo de estudo.